Male, 49
Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Since my neighbor has stopped talking to me and i do not have to start work until this afternoon it gave me time to meet another man in a public place that i know of and we just had s*x on an old picnic table and i admit this one kept going when i asked him to stop because he was f*c*ing me so hard i now have scratches on my upper thighs from the picnic table. i am at an old business i used to work at that has been out of business for years.we could have been caught but not likely. me meeting random men is very dangerous but i also find it exciting. when he drove up i was totally n*de and got into his car and got him hard with my mouth then put a c*nd*m on him and bent over the table by his car. older man chubby and married of course. sitting here n*de actually thinking about inviting another one here to f*c* me. i am upset and hurt about my neighbor kind of dodging me after i showed her a very intimate side of my life. i just can't believe it. i was going to stop seeing other men for her but f*c* it i am not now.