Female, 15
Friday, 07 August 2020

almost seven months ago, on january 17th, my close friend and her family pa*sed away unexpectedly and very tragically. i miss her so much right now. i miss the late night conversations, the stupid memes, the random kpop dance-offs we'd have in the middle of cla*s, the cringy fanfiction calls where we'd read weird septiplier fanfics and cry laughing. i miss the one direction and mcr fangirling we'd do together, the days we'd spend laughing over a funny edited picture of jimin, only to find another one soon after and spam email each other that picture as much as we could. i feel like throwing up. my head is pounding, my heart aches, and i feel so, so terrible. i'll never see her again, and i just can't accept lt that. i need to see her again. i need her to know how much she means to me, that she can't leave. everytime i have to remind myself that she's gone, i feel like i get stabbed in the stomach. i really, really miss her.