Male, 49
Wednesday, 25 March 2020

with how the world is now i have been trying to stay away from my neighbor but we just could not. i just had s*x with her while my wife is at work and i loved every second of it. i took her trash out and did her dishes and she was in her bed with only a small blanket on. i took a shower there then got into bed with her and we did it and kissed. i came in her again and we layed there and just talked. i care about her too much. she told me the s*x helps her anxiety. then to my surprise she moved her head down between my legs and gave me some wonderful oral s*x. i told her after she swallowed i will do anything she wants. i am still here at her house totally n*de sitting in front of her she is in her chair in her robe. i am hoping she decideds to ride me before i go home.