Female, 22
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Because of the pandemic everyone is always at home, both my boyfriend and I have gone back to live with our parents since we both got laid off and can't afford to keep paying rent for an apartment with our income gone. I really want to s*ck my boyfriends cock tho, I miss the feeling of having my mouth stretched and how warm it feels. My boyfriend says he's too afraid of getting caught by his family even though his family typically give us privacy. I tried to lighten the mood and tell him I don't mind if I get caught since, it is a normal thing for older people to do which led to him getting mad saying that I shouldn't be ok with being s*xual in front of his family. It felt kind of like he was calling me a slut and it was honestly a turn on. It made me want to tease him till he can't stand it anymore and would just shove my head down onto his cock till I start to choke and cry. I am now aware that I may be an exhibitionist