Female, 29
Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Hey Gerard, I know you will never see this message and I honestly don't care if you do.. I just had to get my feelings out someplace safe. You are an idiot, nothing new - I know. But you hurt my feelings. Not because you've blocked me, but because I wasn't worth your time to let me know you are going to do so. You made me realize it on my own! I am a big girl and I would understand, as we both had our reasons to stop. I would never admit publicly that you were under my skin so deep, but you were and still are. I think about you and I miss our fun times. At night, I secretly hope you feel something too.... I will wonder forever what was the true reason for your actions. Don't do this to anyone else you arsehole. I hope that one day, I'll have enough courage to delete your number. Fuck you! xx /m