Male, 26
Thursday, 06 February 2020

Hi, I am an Indian, bought up in the middle east all my life as a single child. I was recently engaged to a girl from my place even she is of the same background like bought up in middle east and single child. Everything about the relationship is arranged by our parents. The thing is i am more expressive of the feeling and more emotionally sharing towards the girl, while the girl is less expressive of the emotional feelings but we do love each other, but since she does not express much some times i feel like i am trying too hard. I will do anything to keep her in my life cause she is the one i have been looking for all my life as her character is so nice and sweet every man could imagine of. but i do not know how to get her more emotionally involved in the relation. Today i had a dream of flirting with another girl ... i know its just a dream but it hurts me that i might even have second thoughts which i definitely do not want to have because i love her so much for what she is . But i am struggling with the emotional part... please help out