Male, 49
Friday, 04 September 2020

This is a secret for now. i placed an ad on snother site looking for a regular fwb snd eventually i am going to have s*x in front of my wife but the problem is i never know a man long enough to get to that point but four men responded to my ad and its crazy but i am in a motel room wife thinks i am at work and i just had s*x with one and showered off and now i am waiting on the next one. all are married men looking for discreet encounters and to be honest i have been turning to s*x alot lately because of things in the world and i have been feeling guilty because i have been lying to me wife and she knows i am bis*xual and accepts it so hopefully today i choose one. i am probably going to be super sore because of the a*al s*x but the last guy that just left came into the room i was laying on the bed n*de and i was planning on giving him oral but he pulled his pants down put on a c*nd*m and did it. was ok but i am actually looking for more with someone today. and the next guy is here now. all older men. ok here it goes....