Male, 18
Thursday, 05 March 2020

I did the whole "accidental racism" thing and feel super guilty with no one to talk to about it so hi internet. I was talking about the corona virus with some people/ acquaintances. One of them just said that their friend was a*saulted over the thing (asian) and I was like oh why is every news article showing asian ppl on the cover of it which they took as HEY AlL asian ppl are spreading the virus when I meant to say that the media is unessecarily racial charging this virus and its completely wrong. I saw their faces and they were like wtf but it didnt click with me until later in the day. I cant apologize at all and I have to see them again next week. TLDR; I feel like a racist sack of shit that desensitized a serious and traumatic experience. Thanks for listening.