Female, 14
Friday, 17 April 2020

Being teenager s*cks and it just started. I lost a lot of my friends, because they were drinking and then they started with drugs and smoking weed. I really dont want to do these things. One of them was my best friend from kindergarten. He changed so rapidly. He disappered right in front of my eyes. He was always fun to be around, kind and loving. But now he is like a stranger. I get called boring boomer just cuz I dont want to drink, smoke cigarettes and weed and other things. I dont feel bad for being called like that, but for my friends (if I can even call them like that). Also boys around me are obsessed about porn. They say things like girls are just objects or a girl that wouldnt do oral or a*al is not good enought. And it kinda hurts to hear those things. Plus viewing our bodies... I dont have problem with my body and I really like the way I look, but girls around me dont have it the same way. They always say how fat they are, that their bodies dont look like those on instagram (even tho those photos are facetuned and unreal). And boys dont help it eighter... when they say they only like skinny girls (like REALLY skinny) with big butts and boobs. Which help a lot thx guys -_- ... How can I care less about this?