Female, 15
Monday, 15 November 2021

i really don’t know what’s wrong with me because i have this weird obsession with having s*x and i know it sounds cringe but i just like it so much i find myself with my bf in a stall in the bathroom at school like or in my car at 2 in the god damn afternoon like it’s becoming a real issue and it’s really embarra*sing to talk about to anyone + my parents don’t even know i've lost my virginity yet so that’s why i’m on a confession website talking about my problems. btw my bf doesn’t have any issues with it he’s perfectly fine getting sum all the time but i just feel so bad because i’m supposed to be out enjoying my childhood not getting high and f*c*ing all the time. even when my parents are home or his parents are home and one time his brother almost walked in on us. i know that it’s weird and messed up and i shouldn’t be doing this but idk how to stop the urge bc i’m horny all the damn time and i’m trying my best not to sound like a creep on here. but yea i’ve been hyper s*xual if that’s even the right word for like a year n it was after i was a*saulted so maybe that’s the cause but i want it to stop cus it’s becoming a real problem in my every day life. so yea just wanted to share hehe