Male, 49
Monday, 22 June 2020

Think i am addicted to s*x its an escape from things. i just had s*x with two men not at the same time. my wife is at work until midnight and yes i have been having s*x with my neighbor and my wife but i was having cyber s*x with both these men online then i met both of them in a private spot i know of and while the first guy was f*c*ing me in my car i was lying to the next one about getting off work and both of them were married men. after the first guy came he left and i stayed n*de and cleaned his c*m off with a lysol wipe then the 2nd guy got there and glad i had a blanket because he f*c*ed me over a tree. the first guy i gave oral without a c*nd*m but the second guy just wanted to f*c*. i have a smooth bigger butt and some love to f*c* it. and i email and get them turned on so much they meet f*c* and go. i have been with around four in a month and i know its dangerous in this world but i love the excitement of it. i love the a*al s*x. i have not told my neighbor yet i am bi but she has opened up to me about alot of things so possibly this weekend when we are having s*x.