Male, 49
Monday, 26 October 2020

Not sure it was worth it. i lied to my wife about going in early to work when i went to meet my bf in what i thought was a private parking spot. we were having s*x and a woman jogger must have heard us walked up on the car and as he was finishing in me i seen a hand taking a picture. she called the cops we put our clothes on the cops showed up the picture she took did not come out at all and he said he could not use it and waiting to hear if there will be any charges. been worried all day and if so i am not sure how i will tell my wife or he will tell his. i just wish she would have walked away when she seen what we were doing. i love having s*x with him but i am not sure i will be parking again anywhere. she acted so offended and that made me feel horrible. where we were parked no one was meant to see anything. she only seen when she came up to his car. sad to say. this is a horrible day