Male, 49
Wednesday, 02 September 2020

i joined a g*y bi dating site earlier this year and i have at least four other men i sometimes meet up with and one is a much younger guy that lives in a small apartment with a roommate and we only know each other by our emails and nothing more. i dont even know his real name. but this morning i met up with him in a motel for something that i hide from my wife even know she knows i am bi. he is only 23 and i am 49 but he is into rim jobs. i thought he was joking when he responded to an email and this was the second time i let him give me one and i think i came about four times as he had his tongue inside of me. i have s*x with other men but this is probably one of the most intimate things i like to do with another man and when he got on top to f*c* i was c*mming and it made it even hotter. he is not that very big and c*ms quick but thats not why i secretly meet him. we have nothing in common at all and is way younger than the kind of men i meet but he seems to really enjoy licking and s*cking and he runs his tongue directly between my thighs and that drives me wild. i may tell my wife someday but right now i want it as a secret only