Male, 49
Sunday, 10 May 2020

i honestly am just not sure whst i am doing. did my neighbors yardwork and went in to talk to her. i was almost shaking when i asked her if she was dating now and she said yes. a guy she met at church that his wife pa*sed away and he is a nice man. and i asked her is she has had s*x and she told me yes and i was so mad but came up to me and put her arms around me and she was wearing one of her sun dresses no underwear and she kissed me i pulled up her dress and had s*x with her on her kitchen counter. then after i asked her what it meant for us and she told me lets just see and i asked her not to say anything to him about me and she told me not to worry about that and i told her i cared about her (i wanted to say love so bad) and she told me she does me also. i know this is crazy and i should not be doing this but i will try to back off but i hope me and her still can sometimes. i know i should not have done that today but his car is parked in her driveway now. i have to try to let this go but there is no doubt we are s*xually attracted to each other.