Male, 50
Thursday, 04 March 2021

In love with the married man i am cheating on my wife with. i almost said that to him this morning as he was c*mming inside of me but instead i was msoning "you own that a*s" he is married i am also but i have not let many men c*m in me but i let him because i love him. i know its wrong for a man to love another man but when we have s*x its pa*sionette erotic and dirty. he was s*cking whipped cream out of me for a while and i lost count how many times i actually came. the sheets on my bed were soaked from my c*mming and the whipped cream melting between my thighs. they are in the wash now so my wife does not smell the s*x. i look so forward to when i can meet him again and have more s*x but i cant bring myself to tell him i love him yet