Female, 17
Thursday, 28 November 2019

I suffered an early miscarriage and ive been keeping it in for too long . I never told anyone about my pregnancy as i was only just coming to terms with it myself . I was getting ready to speak up about it when i started getting really bad cramps which automatically wasnt a good sign . I started bleeding heavily and i knew this wasn't right , after just over a week of heavy bleeding and pain . I took a pregnancy test which this one turned out negative . Im still grieving which may sound stupid because my baby wasnt even born but i was begining to wonder what they would look like and all the little things like that . I will forever feel guilty for the loss of my child , i try to look at it like its natures way of saying im not ready as im only 17 almost 18 but it still causes me so much pain . My baby would have been born in July