Female, 23
Thursday, 23 January 2020

I was raped when I was 18 by two people. I am now 23 and have only told 5 people in total. 3 of them I told only in the last couple of months... and I have never felt closer to them. I cannot express to anyone how cathartic it is to reveal something like this to someone in confidence, uttering the one word you have taught yourself to avoid. Despite what people may or may not think reading this, I will never tell the police. Not now. There's no point. I'm a logical person. There's no case to build. The people were drunk and remember nothing. My bruises are gone. There is no physical, audible or visual evidence to stand a case on. I know that the only thing I can do is move on. And having these people in my life, these really good people, is piecing back together that life and my spirit that was broken those 5 years ago.